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'The Great Land'

The eighth nome of Upper Egypt: Abydos and Thinis
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Saturday 19th February 2022:
The Buried 'Menageries' of Abydos
Zoom lectures by Paul Whelan
2pm - 5pm
Recorded version now available:
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John Weguelin - The Obsequies of an Egyptian Cat (1886) from Wikimedia Commons

Past events and reviews:
El-Assasif before Hatshepsut - now available online
Bringing Scraps to the Table of Knowledge
Mini-me to Menagerie
Abydos Study day

Welcome to Ta-wer Egyptology. On this website you will find news about our events and courses, you can download published articles and also find out more about us.
Ta-wer Egyptology is run by Paul Whelan and Jane Hamilton who are both passionate about Ancient Egyptian history and culture. Paul is an experienced independent Egyptology researcher and lecturer while Jane deals with all aspects of the administration and IT, plus the Lego Pharaoh and Mummy series of pictures.

Our first study day took place in October 2018 when Paul delivered a full day course on one of his specialist subjects, Abydos.
" Congratulations on your splendid study day. I was so glad to have joined you. Everything was absolutely great – lectures and those excellent handouts, venue and food! Well done both of you. Now you’ve had a bit of practice who knows what heights you will reach next time! Actually can’t imagine anything better." Reviews and photos

Paul Whelan is also an Illustrator
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