Ta-wer Egyptology
Photographic Services

Jane Hamilton holds a Professional Diploma in Photography and an Advanced Diploma in photo editing from the Institute of Photography.

Services available to Egyptologists include:

Photo resource library - this is an ongoing project and eventually I hope to have an online shop and/or searchable database of images which I hope will be useful to both students and Egyptologists needing a high quality image for publications. For now, please look at this list to see what is currently available and email me for more details.

Studio photography - artefacts, portraits. I can visit you with my portable studio - South East England only! Images can be either 'as seen' or digitally enhanced to bring out details.

Location photography - Contact me if you need photos of a specific site or tomb and if I don't have anything in my library I will try and timetable into my next excursion to Egypt.

Photo editing - I might be able to improve the quality of an old photo for you or enhance certain features. Just ask!

Examples of my recent work:

A few examples from my photo resource library:

Tomb of Nefertari, VOQ

Tomb of Renni (18th Dynasty), el Kab

Temple at Deir el Medina

'Golden City' near Medinet Habu

Studio: Mummified scarab beetle for private collector

Ostracon for student dissertation

Museum photography
Low light and distracting backgrounds can sometimes make it difficult to get a decent image. This is where editing can help.

example from World Museum Liverpool

: Lego Model photography for Ta-wer Facebook post during the pandemic

Contact email address: Jane@ ta-wer.org (type the address but without the extra space!)