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Paul Whelan: Egyptology Illustrator

Paul Whelan is a freelance illustrator whose work has appeared in various books and articles.
If you would like to commission any specialist illustrations or use an image from his back catalogue of work, please contact us.

Examples of Paul's work:

The recent press reports of the discovery of a palace of Ramesses II built beside the king’s memorial temple at Abydos brings to mind the discovery of a similar building at the nearby temple of Seti I. Discovered together with sixteen huge storage magazines and ancillary chambers in the 1950s by Edouard Ghazouli of the Egyptian Antiquities Department, the palace was found in a better state of preservation than that of Ramesses II’s. Seti I’s structure measures 13.5m x 16m with walls constructed from mud-brick, which was plastered and brightly decorated with multi-coloured designs and inscriptions. The doorways in the palace were framed by stone jambs and lintels and the roof was supported by ten limestone polygonal columns all carved with the king’s cartouches and dedications to various deities. Fragments of architectural elements recovered from the internal doorways were sufficient to attempt a reconstruction of their original appearance, and an idea of just how splendid the rest of the palace would have looked. For my illustration of the doorway (based on Ghazouli’s) I have added a local modern Egyptian in traditional garb for scale.
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brief report of the recent discoveries at Ramesses II’s temple

An ebony 'wand' from Abydos. The name on the wand is that of the Second Intermediate King Se(neb)kay. This wand is now in the Cairo museum.

Nubian Period Stela

Ptahmose Statue, Temple of Thutmose III, Abydos

Ramesside Vessel

Howard Carter at work (Lord Carnarvon's excavations in the Assasif 1907-11)

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