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Coming up in October 2022:

Paul Whelan will be delivering a lecture at the University of Pisa Conference:
Clay Figurines in Context: Miniatures as Crucibles of Nile Valley Societies in the Second Millennium BC (Egypt and Nubia)
Egittologia Universita di Pisa, 17, 18, 19 October 2022

Paul's lecture is 'A Canine Conundrum?'
Abydos has yielded a considerable number of Early Dynastic faience and mud figurines, most discovered by Flinders Petrie in the main temple zone, a small minority of which represent dogs. This presentation considers their possible significance in the broader context of royal presence at Abydos in the First Dynasty.

Archive: Past Ta-wer lectures and study days

Our first London study day took place in October 2018 when Paul delivered a full day course on one of his specialist subjects, Abydos. "Congratulations on your splendid study day. I was so glad to have joined you. Everything was absolutely great – lectures and those excellent handouts, venue and food! Well done both of you. Now you’ve had a bit of practice who knows what heights you will reach next time! Actually can’t imagine anything better."

Ta-wer London study day outlines and reviews:
Aspects of Abydos
Bringing Scraps to the Table of Knowledge or how little things can reveal so much!
Mini-me to Menagerie - Ancient Egyptian magical objects in context

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El- Assasif before Hatshepsut
The Buried 'Menageries' of Abydos

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